We Get It!

We understand that there are no 'off the shelf' solutions for meeting the educational and training needs of urban learners which is why Urban Training Systems provides creative solutions to complex challenges.


We help educators align their curriculum, instruction, and school procedures to support the needs of urban learners because culture plays a fundamental role in the cognitive development of learning.


By equippping educators with the tools, resources and learning strategies that urban students can relate to,



Urban Training Systems can work with your school to effectively improve and enhance the following areas:


  • Curriculum, instruction, and assessment. When curriculum and instruction are tied to the cultural experiences and values of urban students, schooling becomes more meaningful for them.


  • Staff development. Staff development programs often serve as catalysts for teachers to make the kinds of cognitive, affective, and behavioral changes that will foster the success of urban learners.


  • The school environment. Schools organized to assure high expectations, a challenging curriculum, a caring climate, and positive self-esteem are more likely to develop individual potential and promote growth and learning in all students.


  • Management. Through increased school-home collaboration, shared decision making, and other strategies, districts and schools can increase the awareness of school staff about the experiences and strengths of urban learners.