The TNT Technology Boot Camp provides interactive, hands-on workshops, seminars, and activities for high school students seeking to gain valuable exposure in leading edge technology topics.  The boot camp is open to youth ages 13-18 who have an interest in learning more about computer technology.


  • To provide an opportunity for participants to gain more knowledge about computer technology

  • To give hands-on technology skills experience for a better understanding

  • To develop an interest in STEM and STEM learning activities


Workshops and Seminars:

The Boot Camp seminars provide knowledge and skills in the following areas:


              Technology Development - Computer Science

              Day 1. Students will be introduced to the basic concepts of how computers process data into information


              Product Development— Learn to Code and Mobile Apps

              Day 2. Students will have an hands-on opportunity to create a mobile app online.

              Day 3. Students will be introduced to the world of coding.


              Professional Development - 21st  Century Skills Development

              Day 4. Students will learn the employment skills —  Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Communication

              to be successful in the global economy


             Techno-preneurship / Presentations

             Day 5. Students will understand the basic concepts of being an entrepreneur of a technology based company.    

             Students will also give final presentations of their product development project.*


*If the students have not completed their class project, then another date/time may be set for their final presentations that would include family, friends and community members.

Classes will meet Tuesday, July 26, 2016 to Thursday, July 28, 2016

8:00am to 4:00pm.

Longview Community College

What participants can expect:

-Academic Enhancement

STEM integrated curriculum components will be inherently integrated into the curriculum for each day.

-Course Pre-Assessment.

There will be a pre-assessment administered to gain an understanding of what your students know, understand, and are able to do before the course begins.

-Course Post-Assessment.

There will be a post-assessment to measure what knowledge has been gained as a result of the week long course.


-Daily assessments.

Each day, there will be a pre/post assessment of the concepts that will be presented for the day.  If a student scores 90% or higher on their post assessment, then they will earn a dog tag for the day.  A student can earn up to five dog tags for the week. If a student earns five dog tags, then their name goes into a drawing for a grand prize. 


-Intermittent prizes.

Throughout each day, students will have the opportunity to win small prizes such as a $5 gift cards for either accomplishing a task or scoring successfully on a quiz related to the content as it is presented for that day.


The camp's registration fee is $225.00 ($300.00 if you choose the Unplugged option) per student which includes:

  • Three-days of hands on technical workshops and skills development activities

  • 1 college credit that can be computed into their high school GPA for students who earn a B or better.

  • USB drive of student's electronic portfolio

  • Daily prizes for knowledge and tasked-based challenges

  • Boot Camp swag bag

  • Boot Camp T-Shirt

  • Dog Tags as awarded by challenges

  • Continental Breakfast, Lunch, Drinks and Snacks daily